Automatic machines

We are equipped with automatic cutting and stripping machines for the processing of cables with a section ranging from awg30 to 50mm^2. In addition, we use semi-automatic machines for crimp recovery. Traditional, induction and solder pot welding stations, binders, clamps and automatic labellers for different cable packages.

Moulding Department

The moulding area is equipped with manual as well as automatic presses of different tonnage with dedicated melters for moulding materials of several colours.

Testing Machines

We use different electrical and optical mechanical testing machines to cover the different customers’ requests as well as custom testing machines.

Assembly machines

We are equipped with semi-automatic assembly machines for specific applications and batteries of screwdrivers with torque control and ultrasonic sealing machines.

Monitoring and analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with control and analysis equipment, including a climatic chamber, stabilized power supplies, electronic datalogger altimeters for the detection of heights, micrographic lab and machines for traction testing.


2D and 3D technical drawing software logo CAD


For a smart management of the company, we have adopted
an ERP system that ensures control between the objectives established by the operational planning and finalisation of operations and materials: the duration and timing of the activities are planned, orders for the production lines are scheduled, finally, the system installs the management of non-conformities.LOGO_Trevigroup


The complete digitalization of our production processes has been introduced with an automatic recognition system at the entrance, tablets installed on the workstations with integrated digital document management, web management of the workings of subcontractors and realtime-update production progress.
This innovation allows automation of production, synchronization between all users and company software as well as accurate information on delivery times.