Quality and customer orientation are core values that guide our work.

“With the view to offering our customers a comprehensive and efficient service, we constantly invest in cutting-edge machinery and technologies that enable us to ensure a high quality standard on the finished product. In addition, we are able to supply UL-compliant materials conform to the US market.

In addition, the whole production process is integrated with a modern ERP, recently updated with the introduction of an innovative production management software. The system interfaces directly with all company’soperators, allowing orders to be handled efficiently, plus at the same time monitoring the timing of the production cycle.

Micrographic Lab



Starline is equipped with a modern micrographic lab, which enables us to scrupulously check the crimping of each cabling.

By carefully analysing the combination of a specific cable section with its terminal, we are able to ensure our customers a high level of quality in wiring harness.

Before proceeding with the production of the combination cable/terminal, a detailed micrographic analysis defines the parameters of our machines.

Usually we rely on some of the most restrictive automotive standards, nonetheless, on request we are available to work following the parameters chosen by the customer.

Climate chamber


In order to test the aging of several components in our laboratory, we are equipped with a climatic chamber, which enables us to simulate different environmental conditions to which the product may be subject.

The machine allows multiple product tests to be carried out, including the simulation of environmental conditions to which products can be subjected, working with a temperature range from -40°C to +180°C and with a relative humidity level from 10% to 98%.

This machine allows us to carry out tests and environmental simulations, thus providing precise information on the behavior of the product subject to different thermal and hygrometric cycles.

This equipment is also available for rent to customers, who wish to carry out tests independently.


qualita_collaudoIn order to guarantee our customers the highest standards of quality and efficiency, our staff run tests that cover 100% of the products processed.

This is done through a variety of methods:

green_checkElectrical testing

green_checkDimensional Inspection

green_checkOptical test with camera

green_checkTesting with our customers’ specific machines.



Starline is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its organization and business processes. Since 2004 we are certified according to UNI ISO 9001, updated in 2016 to ISO 9001:2015.

Upon request, we can supply raw material according to UL and CSA specifications.

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