Wiring Harness

By virtue of the expertise gained over the years, our wiring harness is innovative and flexible.
In addition to the production of standard cabling, we specialize in the production of complex cabling, the latter often requested from the most demanding sectors such as rail, military, medical and automotive.
Our micrographic lab, enables us to verify the correctness of terminal crimping, ensuring a top quality standard.
We have introduced electrical and optical tests covering 100% of the processed products.


Our production department comprises full automatic and semi-automatic machines (cut/strip-cut/strip/crimp), which can work cables with sections ranging from AWG 30 to 50mm2.

Our machine park is constantly updated with the view to keeping up with modern technologies .


Upon request, we can supply any type of cable: from simple unipolar PVC cables to Custom cables designed to meet every need (ptfe, silicone, pur etc). We also work and supply UL CSA cables.

Upon request, we can assembly cabling with electronics and/or electromechanical components. In addition, we can integrate the cable with overmoulded fairleads and connectors with Custom design.
This can be possible by using low pressure moulding made with polyamide resins, or alternatively by using more traditional techniques (PVC, PUR, etc.), thus ensuring a greater resistance compared to standard technologies.