Starline always pays special attention to its customers’ specific
needs and requests: for this reason, we have decided to invest in innovative technologies such as low pressure moulding.

This technology uses low pressure moulded polyamide resins, which ensure optimum sealing and protection of electrical and electronic components against mechanical shocks and external agents, such as humidity, dust, water etc.

Stampaggio bassa pressione
Stampaggio bassa pressione
stampaggio bassa pressione

We use exclusively Henkel’s Technomelt resins to ensure that our
products meet the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation.

  • Reduced cycle time (reduced times of polymerization compared to potting)
  • No housing case required
  • Moulds can be made in less expensive aluminium
  • Reduced manufacturing steps and costs
  • Excellent electric insulation and incapsulation of electric and electronic components
  • UL94-V0 approved (for almost all resins)
  • Reduced material and fewer physical parts
  • Improved design customization, logo application and analysis of excess raw material to reduce costs
  • Insulation of PCBs and sensors: it is possible to mould directly even on the most fragile electronic components, without damaging them, ensuring effective protection against external agents.
  • Moulding of cable fairleads: thanks to low pressure moulding we can reduce assembly phases, while at he same time ensuring cable protection.
  • Moulded connectors